Since these days, we have experienced unprecedented changes like never before. We started working from home, no longer go out together with friends to grab a coffee or have brunch. 

The brighter side, because of the pandemic, our small family get closer, our cooking skills made significant progress. On the other hand, social distancing made it hard to convey our love to families and friends.
Fragrance Gift is always caring for our members. We have three warehouses worldwide, located in Los Angeles, the United States, Brisbane, Australia, and Guangzhou, China. We are proud to ship out items the fastest, no longer than two days during this period. Due to delays on the road, parcels stack in delivery companies. For those not delivered within 30 days, we arranged re-ship or provide equivalent vouchers to members making up waiting time. Once there is any missing package, we will re-arrange the goods to ship out, to ensure that our members enjoy first-class shopping experience. We are always caring for our members.
In the same way, we launched the loving card program for mother's day, enabling family members to express their love with specially designed cards in two places. Fragrance Gift is always your best channel to deliver love.